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Job title: Business representative
Subordinate department: sale
Work place: Zhangzhou, Xiamen
Recruitment number: Several names
Recruitment time: 2016/03/02 14:42:48 to 2017/03/01 14:42:51
Job responsibilities: Job responsibilities: 1, to assist the superior to develop a sales plan, to complete the sales target assigned by the superior; 2, responsible for the daily sales and maintenance of the district and the promotion of new products, the development of new customers; 3, actively selling company products, to ensure the safety of the dealer money and control; 4, regular visits to customers, maintain good customer relationship, stable market prices, and actively assist customers to sell; 5, do a good job of product display and a variety of advertising; 6, complete the sales report and other temporary work.
Job requirements:

 Job requirements:

1, with good communication skills, excellent market performance, experience is preferred;
2, have a certain ability to report, familiar with the basic operation of Word, Excel;
3, hard-working, diligent, strong sense of responsibility, obey the company arrangement.

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