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Wide application of hydraulic brake type plate shearing machine

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Hydraulic gate type cutting machine is widely used in of various metal materials according to different needs of direct shear, mainly used in iron and steel manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile, container manufacturing, switch electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, light industry and other industries. This year, the state has promulgated the shipbuilding industry, equipment manufacturing industry revitalization planning rules. As an important support of the shipbuilding industry and equipment manufacturing industry, the timely replacement of large hydraulic brake plate shears, to adapt to the new requirements is particularly important.

The hydraulic brake type plate shearing machine is made up of the high technology enterprise by adopting the mechanical and electrical liquid integration, and has absorbed the advantage and the specialty of the traditional mechanical type brake. Product optimization design solves the shears shearing width narrow plate easily distorted drawbacks; solve the Shun Cheng speed slow, noisy, unreliable work, etc. phenomenon, especially through the double nitrogen cylinder return, the cutter speed increased by 30%, make it have good strength and rigidity "UG with finite element analysis method through the main component and frame; optimization design of products in ensuring the working accuracy and geometric accuracy conforms to the national standard on the basis, the wood products get good control and utilization. Compared with similar products: one is solve the tilting hydraulic shearing machine width narrow plate is easy to distort the drawbacks of; second is to solve the hydraulic tilting cutting machine return speed slow, noisy, unreliable work, etc. phenomenon, and can ensure that in connected fracture failure can still ensure the safety and reliability of the machine.
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