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Safe use of machine process

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Before a machine, starting
1, check the various parts of the abnormal, the fastening screws (CAP) shall not be loose. Brake should be normal and reliable.
2, strictly according to the thickness of the plate to adjust the distance, not overload operation. Can not roll over the mechanical properties of the specified range of the workpiece.
Note two, machine operation
1, must be in the workpiece to be smooth, a bit forward to drive operation, and should be a clear signal, the designated person command.
2, hand shall not be placed on the rolled steel plate, and are not allowed to use the model to check, stop the rear with a model check roundness.
3, rolling pressure is not enough to the entire round of the workpiece, roll to the end of the steel plate, to set aside a certain margin, in case of falling off the workpiece.
4, when the workpiece has been forbidden to stand, nor in good rolling cylinder for roundness.
5, roll thick, larger diameter cylinder or material strength of the workpiece, should be a small number of down the dynamic roll and roll forming.
6, roll with a narrow barrel, should be placed in the middle of the roll roll roll.
7, the workpiece into the roll, should prevent the hand and clothes were involved in the roll.

Three, machine downtime precautions

1, such as the discovery of abnormal sound operation of the machine tool should be immediately shut down to check the adjustment and repair.
2, disconnect switch, cut off the power supply.
3, after the work place to place the designated location.
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