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In Chinese Petrochemical Zone chemical industry park 20

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In the recently held a 2016 China Chemical Industrial Park and industrial development forum site released "2016 China chemical industry park 20 strong" and "2016 China chemical potential of the park 10 strong" list, Huizhou Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone list selected the top 20 2016 China Chemical Industrial Park, which is Daya Bay Area in 2013 since the fourth consecutive selected.

Daya Bay petrochemical park, the raw product project integration, logistics integration information transmission, public engineering integration of environmental protection, fire safety emergency integration, management services such as financial integration five "integration" development concept again recognized by the industry.

Industry development
Total industrial production value of 82 billion 100 million last year

It is a strategic direction for the development of petroleum and chemical industry in our country." China Petrochemical Association President Li Shousheng pointed out that the meeting voted for the "2016 China Chemical Industry Park as one of the top 20, is a park development highlight the typical, in a certain extent, reflect the development trend of domestic chemical industry park, and Daya Bay petrochemical area is the advanced typical.

Reporter from the Daya Bay district was informed that petrochemical park have been developed in the area of about 20 square kilometers, to oil refining and ethylene as the leading, focus on the development of high added value, high technology content of petrochemical deep processing products, new materials and high-end chemicals, construction of a resource-saving and environmental friendly Park, and strive to build a world-class petrochemical industry base, Guangdong Province as the only selected 2016 China chemical industry park 20 strong chemical industry park, was included in the national focus on the development of seven petrochemical industry base. 2015, the petrochemical area to achieve industrial production value of 82 billion 100 million yuan.

Park has the world s top 10 enterprises 500

"Nowadays, the industrial chain of Dayawan Petrochemical area is basically formed." Zone CMC relevant person in charge, the two leading projects with a total investment of $4.1 billion CSPC 95 million tons / year of ethylene and 198 billion yuan of CNOOC Huizhou refinery a 12 million tons / year refinery respectively in 2006 and 2009, completed and put into production, which Hui Lian a project for domestic monomer largest oil refining projects.

Daya Bay petrochemical zone with two leading oil refining and ethylene project to rely on, attracting from stationed in more than 20 countries and regions, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and other industry leaders. At present, the petrochemical area has been settled in a total of 78 projects, with a total investment of 161 billion 800 million yuan. Among them, 49 cases of petrochemical project, investment of 133 billion yuan; public works project of 29 cases, 288 million yuan investment, the initial formation of the carbon second downstream industry chain, carbon the middle and lower reaches of the industry chain, carbon four downstream and by-product of refining, aromatics and downstream industry chain and fine chemical industry specialty chemicals, five major industrial clusters. Park has the world s top 10 investment companies 500 (the region s total of 24), a total of 31 investment projects.

At present, the United CNOOC Huizhou refinery, CNOOC and shell and professional consulting firm, for chemical products market scientific analysis, optimization of raw materials of the two companies, formulated the Daya Bay petrochemical industry investment patterns, implementation of the industrial chain of precision investment, the next will focus on the development of chemical new materials and high-end chemicals downstream industrial, and promote the petrochemical industry to high-end technology and the integration of upstream and downstream development.

environmental protection
Reducing control supplement to achieve green and healthy development

Reporter held from May 11 in Wuhan of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation of Chemical Industry Park Working Committee (hereinafter referred to as "Park Commission") was informed that the fourth session of the general meeting of members, the election meeting, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, vice president of Fu Xiangsheng served as the fourth session of the Park Commission Director and served as executive vice chairman of the Guangdong Huizhou Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee Director Liu Xiaojun.

Park committee members are the key areas of the country s key areas of the park, is to promote the overall level of the industry to enhance the core force, play a leading and exemplary role." Li Shousheng said.

In fact, in recent years, the Daya Bay Area in accordance with the above requirements, the ecological civilization construction to be placed in a more prominent position, efforts to promote the "control, reduction, fill" governance measures, Petrochemical region economy growth and environment to achieve win-win improvement.

Daya Bay District, the relevant statistical data show that the first quarter of this year, the Daya Bay area air quality index was 3.10, air quality, excellent and good rate was 98.8%, 83 days in the number of days of good air quality, air quality in Huizhou City five sites among the best. Atmospheric characteristics of Petrochemical area factor to meet the national environmental standards, drinking water and offshore water quality compliance rate of 100%, petrochemical groundwater, rivers and areas of petrochemical sewage estuary quality meet the functional area requirements. To maintain good water quality.

To strengthen the source of pollution control, improve the access threshold for environmental protection, strengthen environmental planning and guidance, to carry out the petrochemical park post evaluation, which is the Daya Bay petrochemical zone in the sustainable development of a "sword". According to reports, the implementation of the EIA approval of the positive and negative face list management and differentiated environmental access indicators, strict implementation of the "three limit number" on key areas, key industries and key areas implemented limited batch) and "three shall not grant" (does not conform to the industrial policy requirements of the project shall not grant, the project does not meet the requirements of the relevant norms and functional zoning shall not grant, do not meet environmental standards, energy-saving emission reduction and the total requirements of the project shall not grant), from the source control of pollution, and strict adherence to the red line of safety and environmental protection. The district is also the city s innovation system implementation of the "environmental plan of action for three years, and the flood control plan", strengthening ecological environment bottom line constraint and leading to a green; scientific evaluation of Petrochemical Park.

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